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Colines Bubble Film Extrusion Line

Bubble Film Extrusion. A used Colines Line.

We have available the following Colines Bubble Film Extrusion Line:

Make: Colines.
Model: 200.
Year: 1983, machine is in good maintained condition, the control panel is modernized in 2004.
Bubble sizes available: 3 forming bubble types 104 (10mm, 8 month old cylinder) 1808 (18mm) and 3012 (30mm).
Width: 2000 mm.
Extruder: 120 mm 32 D.
Output: 400 kg/h, 40 m/min, width 2m.
Motor: 216 kW.
Dimensions (Total) : Length= 14m, Width= 6.6m, Height= 6m.
Comes along with : – dosing system color tronic volume dosing system 5 hoppers.
– special system for continous recycling of the filmsides directly in the extruder.
– lamination station on the side of the bubble (process control).
Reference number for this Colines Bubble Film Extrusion Line: 10.1.006

Dimensions 1400 x 660 x 600 cm
Colines Bubble Film Extrusion Line

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