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Gloenco XPS Sheet Extrusion Machine

 Gloenco XPS Sheet Extrusion Machine .

1200 mm wide,max 350 KG/hour XPS sheet.
Make : Gloenco.
Extruders : 4,5 inch x24D primary extruder, 6 inch x30D secondary.
Drive : 92 and 92 KW DC drive.
Screen Changer : hydraulic with oil unit/.
Temp zones : 18.
Cooling : water and oil.
Condition screw and barrel : good.
General condition : good.
Is in running order : Yes running XPS at 300KG/hr for food trays now.
Type of process : slit line , slit sheet on rolls.
Down stream : Mandrell,S-wrap (max speed 22 meters perminute),corona,2 double winders width 1300 mm ,max roll diameter 1.6 and 2 meters, max roll weight 250 kg,Pump Lewa, one tonne bunker for virgin material,100 liters bunker for regrind.
Ref No : 10.1.002/11.703

Gloenco XPS Sheet Extrusion Machine

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