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Kuhne Sheet Extrusion Line

Kuhne Sheet Extrusion Line.

We have available the following Kuhne Sheet extrusion Line:
Type: PS/PP sheet line
State: excellent, running
Capaciy: 550kg/h
Year of production: 1999
Sheet thickness: 0,25mm – 2,2mm
Materials: Polystyrene and Polypropylene
2x 70mm degassing extruders
110kW DC motors
manual screen changer
1x 45mm extruder
65kW DC motor
manual screen changer
Melt pump: Maag 56/56
Co-ex block: Kuhne 5 layers
Die width: 860mm
Rolls: 3x 500mm diameter + 2x 400mm diameter
Rolls width: 900mm
Rolls drive: 4,5kW servo motors
Rolls gap adjustment: servo motors
Haul off unit: 200mm diameter rubber rolls
Accumulator for sheet
Automatic sheet cutting system
Winder: 2 station jumbo winder with Torq motors
maximum roll diameter 1500mm

Refnr:10.1.012 for this Kuhne Sheet Extrusion Line .

Kuhne Sheet Extrusion Line

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