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Polytype Tube Printer 6 Colors

We have available a complete tube printing line :
Polytype BDM350 Tube Printer
Make :Polytype
Model :BDM 350
Year of construction :1987
6 Colors.

Output:100 Tubes/min.

Polytype 6 color tube printer.
Polytype Varnishing Station
Mandrels 50 and 56 mm
Polytype Thermal Oven
2 Polytype UV dryer,Metzer&Becker UV2/U-5.34, year 1998.
Accu for extrusion line to Header,Metger& becker, year 2000
Accu for Header to printer, Montoli.
Accu for Printer to capper,Metger& Becker, year 2002
Battenfeld extrusion line for tubes with die,vacuumbath,haul off,high speed cutter.
Header and Capper

REF; 13.7.110

Polytype Tube Printer 6 Colors
SAM_1663 (1)SAM_1664 (1)SAM_1665 (1)SAM_1666 (1)SAM_1667 (1)SAM_1668 (1)SAM_1669 (1)SAM_1670 (1)SAM_1671 (1)SAM_1672 (1)SAM_1673 (1)SAM_1674 (1)SAM_1675 (1)SAM_1677 (1)SAM_1679 (1)SAM_1681 (1)SAM_1683 (1)SAM_1686 (1)SAM_1687 (1)SAM_1688 (1)SAM_1690 (1)SAM_1690 (1)SAM_1691 (1)SAM_1692 (1)SAM_1693 (1)SAM_1696 (1)SAM_1697 (1)SAM_1698 (1)SAM_1701SAM_1726SAM_1727SAM_1730SAM_1731SAM_1732

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