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Stork Blow Moulding Machine F2524/SE95-20

Stork Blow Moulding Machine F2524/SE95-20.

Blow moulder for 4000 HDPE 1 litre milk bottles per hour.
Make :Stork.
Model :F2524/SE95-20?MSF-204-8/SH73..
Year of construction :1983.
Extruder : 95 mm 20D.
Stations : 8.
Hours run : 106600.
Formation : Carrousel.

Moulds/ Product.
Mould : Included, 1 litre HDPE milk bottle.
Products weight : 30 grams.

Reference Nr. : 13.0.115. for this Stork  Blow Moulding Machine F2524/SE95-20

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Stork Blow Moulding Machine F2524/SE95-20

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