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Welex Sheet Extrusion Line

We have available the following Welex sheet extrusion machine :

Make: Welex

Model : 3.5”x30D with 1040 mm downstream.
Year: 1988, updated and maintained.
Main Extruder: 90 mm 30D with 238 rpm, AC drive, vented.
Gear Pump: yes.
Screen changer: yes hydraulic on main extrusion machine.
Co extruder: 2.5” 24 D.
Calander unit: 3 units, Ø: 450mm, 1040mm wide.
Heating and cooling: yes.
Haul off: yes.
Two rolls Winder: Yes

Reference number for this Welex Sheet Extrusion Line: 10.1.011

Youtube video film:


Welex Sheet Extrusion Line

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